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Mayor Craig Dunwell and the Borough of Alpha Council welcome you to our greatly anticipated "official" website. Here you will find information on the Borough of Alpha along with a community calendar and any forms you may need.
The Borough of Alpha boasts the distinction of being the last municipality in Warren County to have been carved out of what had been farmland. Alpha, unlike many of the county's municipalities which developed over periods of many years, was born as a boom town.
In 1890, there were only about seven houses in the area which was to become the present-day borough. What now is a thriving community was once cropland, orchards and pastures. That rural picture abruptly changed in 1891. It was in that year that A. B. Bonneville of Allentown, PA, traveling through rural Pohatcong Township, noted the quality of and quantity of limestone rock in the area which later was to be split off as the Borough of Alpha. Mr. Bonneville established the cement industry in the future Alpha shortly after he made his discovery. The cement industry caused an influx of Hungarian, Slovak and Italian immigrants who constructed homes in the community which became known, unofficially, as Bonneville.
Fire destroyed a section of Mr. Bonneville's plant and after a company reorganization, a new corporation was formed with Thomas Whitaker as its President. Not only did the new company bear his name, but the young community was now known as Whitaker. Mr. Bonneville, who left the original company, continued surveying and formed the Vulcanite Cement Company in 1894. Another fire hit the Whitaker plant before the Alpha Portland Cement Company was organized on April 8, 1895 and acquired all the property of The Whitaker Cement Company. The word Alpha, representing the first letter of the Greek Alphabet and symbolizing excellence, was the final name for the company and of the new community.

Most of the farmland surrounding the quarries and mills of the cement plants were owned by Morris Frace. He had the area surveyed and laid out in building lots in 1898. It was not long after the establishment of the community's first Post Office in 1903, that the people started the move towards incorporating Alpha as a town separate from Pohatcong Township. One of the leading figures in the move was Harvey Seifert, who became the first Mayor. After a desperate struggle, the Borough of Alpha was incorporated as a municipality by an act of the New Jersey State Legislature and Governor Woodrow Wilson on June 26, 1911


Some residents of the borough still refer to the western side of Alpha as 'Alpha' and the eastern section as 'Vulcanite' based on the respective locations of the old cement plants, which discontinued operations and were razed shortly after World War I.



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